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Friar St, Cashel, Co Tipperary, E25NC83

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Monday to Saturday – 7.30am to 6.30pm

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Producing Tipperary beef in our dry-age chambers, adding absolutely nothing but time!

Established in 1973, Martin O’Dwyer’s was a simple butcher shop serving top quality meat. Today, O’Dwyer’s has kept the same classic traditions while adding a touch of modern influence from Martin’s wife and daughter, Marion and Fiona. Marion brought her remarkable cooking skills into the business, serving delicious dinners, hearty pies and colorful salads. Fiona, one of the few female butchers in Ireland, gives the shop an exciting edge as she herself is a real-life foodie!

We rear cattle on rich Tipperary grass land, allowing us to produce beef with consistent quality of the highest standard. Having the farm at Deansgrove as well as our own abattoir allows us to ethically produce superior beef that attracts people from every county.

The opening of their very own steakhouse restaurant, “Deansgrove by Fiona O’Dwyer”, was a natural step for our family! The combination of delicious food, great wine and excellent service always makes for a wonderful evening out!

Martin O’Dwyer Butcher


We believe that the difference is quality

All of our members are experienced, knowledgeable, butchers. Traditional methods, handed down over generations, coupled with modern skills and innovation mean these local businesses can guarantee their customers produce of the highest quality.